Tale as Old as Time

Our Story


Creating these products was by sheer need in 2010.  My youngest son's skin seemed to reject every form of "natural " moisturizing agent there was to buy, I became desperate.  Having 2 degrees that had nothing to do with chemistry, I used what I was good, researching and writing, to learn all I could about the body's largest organ, skin. 


So I became  an avid researcher of skincare ingredients, natural and synthetic.  I learned what could help and hurt the body.  I learned you cannot recreate nature through a lab without giving up something.  I discovered there was an entire alphabet of raw butters and base oils and natural additives that don't get nearly enough recognition.  As I soaked up this knowledge I soon became more and more excited of the products I could create.  Expanding my knowledge from the 3 base oils I used to create a formula that would revert my baby's skin back to moisture soft, in 9 months time I became a self taught beginner mixologist.  My journey is far from over of learning about benefits of other oil, butters, herbs and roots I have yet to "play" with, and I look forward to our introductions.

Through our love of natural product creation the After Affects NSCS family looks forward to making you apart of our family...one body at a time.


After Affects is a family based business. Time, love and care goes into each product batch.  We understand how important it is to have natural products that are beneficial to the body. We make it our business to try to give you the best products we can offer, with properties that help give you the best quality of life.

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